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If you’re trying to do your own competition research, you simply can’t do without the right tools. There’s an incredibly handy Firefox extension that I’ve written about before, but one that has recently improved their free offering to include the number of internal and the number of external outbound links on a webpage, and an option for SEODigger.

This means that in just an instant, you can look at any webpage and determine whether or not it’s worth pursuing a link based on the number of links on the page. Using SEOdigger, you can easily see the quantity and which phrases any domain is ranking for on it Google and MSN. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work for Yahoo, but maybe it will soon.

Checking Backlinks with Yahoo

Checking your backlinks on Yahoo, or checking those of your competitors can be confusing, especially if you’re trying to keep track of progress on a weekly or monthly basis.

Not to mention the fact that there seem to be new tools available every month, and various reporting services “update” their procedures, so it’s getting hard to know the who, what, when and how of services and tools that are reporting links.

Use Yahoo for this, and you supposedly get all of the links Yahoo knows about excluding those from your own domain –

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