Finding Paid Vs Organic Conversions in Google Analytics

Have you ever tried to find out how many of your Google analytics goal conversions were from paid visitors and how many were from organic search visitors?

This information is something any website owner or search engine marketer running a Google Adwords campaign needs to know.

There are some calculations needed to filter this information yourself, before you will have the information you need. I’ve created a sample Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for you to use in figuring this information.

Please feel free to download the free sample to use in figuring this data.

Keyword Research Techniques – Using the List of Keywords

A nice long list of keywords is the first step to conducting effective market research as well as being an invaluable tool for use in one’s ongoing online business marketing efforts.

Continuing in this series of articles about comprehensive keyword research, you now have a list of hundreds, if not thousands of valuable keywords to design an effective internet marketing campaign.

Here are some additional free tools, if you would like to do more keyword discovery. As you are designing or developing a website, you should constantly consider what your existing and future website visitors are looking for, what you are offering to these potential site visitors and how many other competing sites offer something the same or something similar.

Easy Keyword Research – Finding Keywords

Detailed keyword research is an essential first step for any online business.

Comprehensive keyword research reports are invaluable tools for conducting effective market research, analysis of the competition, managing a profitable paid internet advertising campaign and creating content for a website.

Good keyword research is also very important as you are building traffic to the website with link building.  These, and other search optimization and search marketing activities ,are really only effective after extensive keyword research has been completed.

Once the critical first step of keyword research reporting has been completed you can use this report in several different ways.

Know Your Competition

When you start your SEO campaign, knowing your competition is key to developing the proper counter-strategy.  Often, you’ll want to mimic a successful campaign and improve upon it.  This is called reverse engineering and it is one of the primary tools for beginner SEOs.

Know your competition!

Indispensible Firefox SEO Research Tool

If you’re trying to do your own competition research, you simply can’t do without the right tools. There’s an incredibly handy Firefox extension that I’ve written about before, but one that has recently improved their free offering to include the number of internal and the number of external outbound links on a webpage, and an option for SEODigger.

This means that in just an instant, you can look at any webpage and determine whether or not it’s worth pursuing a link based on the number of links on the page. Using SEOdigger, you can easily see the quantity and which phrases any domain is ranking for on it Google and MSN. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work for Yahoo, but maybe it will soon.

Zip Code Research

Besides researching the competition, it’s also good to research your market. If you do Internet marketing for a regional or local business, than to good idea to know something about their demographics.

There are a number of informational sites, you can choose from, but I just ran across a great site for first glance information. The information is coming from the US Census data, which is getting old, but it is still pretty decent.

The site is called zip skinny, and here are your detailed instructions…

Type in a zipcode – Nice!

Checking Backlinks with Yahoo

Checking your backlinks on Yahoo, or checking those of your competitors can be confusing, especially if you’re trying to keep track of progress on a weekly or monthly basis.

Not to mention the fact that there seem to be new tools available every month, and various reporting services “update” their procedures, so it’s getting hard to know the who, what, when and how of services and tools that are reporting links.

Use Yahoo for this, and you supposedly get all of the links Yahoo knows about excluding those from your own domain –

Affiliate Program in Place

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Pricing Adjustments

Over the next couple of days, we will be adjusting the pricing of all of our reports.

Will it go up? Will go down? That’s up to you, and it depends on your feedback, and the volume of orders we receive.

A couple of updates:
We are considering offering the keyword research report free if both of the competitive analysis reports are ordered. that will likely be in place today.

Shopping Cart in Place

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