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Come on, it was 2007 when this site was built, and while it was a good deal at the time, there such great tools now that we’ve killed off the service.

We used to create these reports manually from a “new” service at the time, but now there are a myriad of reporting tools that export nicely based all over the world that will do a far better job.

For backlink research, there are two questions to answer, and those are:

  • “What are my competitors doing”  and
  • “Which of their tactics am I overlooking? “

If you’re ONLY interested in backlinks, we get all of our questions answered with Majestic SEO, and highly recommend it. It’s a bit clunky to use, but you can’t get more “up to date data’ anywhere, and it begins at 29 pounds a month (they’re based in the UK).

Thene there’s also Moz, who provides a great report at Open Site Explorer, and with a $99 monthly membership, it’s fully exportable.

Finally,  you if you’re serious about researching the competition, check out SEMrush, which is simply amazing.

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