PPC and Organic Visibility/Traffic Analysis

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PPC and Organic Visibility/Traffic Analysis

Choose 3 competitor domains for base price, and add additional domains for $75 each.

Our reports will include:

  • Daily Ad Budget*
  • Total Clicks per Day*
  • Average Cost Per Click*
  • Average Ad Position*
  • List of Search Terms for which domain is bidding*
  • Average Number of Competitors*
  • Ad Text for each Ad*
  • Landing Page for Each Ad*
  • List of Organic Search Phrases for which they appear in the top 50 Google*

Do ya think you can do some damage once you’re armed with that knowledge?

Search marketing firms have to hire analysts to gather data using various tools and subscription services online, and then compile them into something useful.

As the Internet marketing business grows at an exponential rate, there is a shortage of people that know how to use these tools to provide meaningful and actionable data, and that’s where we fit in.

If you understand competition analysis, then you know that you need to find out X, Y, and Z about the competition, but putting in hours of informational digging wastes your most valuable peoples time.

You already KNOW what to do with this information, but compiling it efficiently is what’s giving you the problem. Now you have an alternative.

You don’t want to have to train legions of people to provide what is basically a one time service done bi-annually at best, and sometimes only once.

Sample report coming soon

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